Sunday, June 23, 2013

wyatt william

i can't believe this time 4 years ago i was anxiously waiting for my little wyatt to come into the world.
it was today 4 years ago, that my doctor told me to meet him at the hospital the next day at 7am
i was being induced. 
i remember feeling excited and scared all at once. 
it was really happening. this was it. 
i showed up to the hospital at 7am like i was told. i forgot the baby bag and my hospital bag.
in fact i had never even packed anything,
i had been running around the house doing absolutely nothing. 
i was  out of my head with excitement, fear, nerves, amazement.
this was it.

the nurses told me that i wasn't in labor and that i would be sent home because the rooms were full. 
i had so much going on in my head.

my doctor came into the room at about 830 am and broke my water in a hurry, he told the nurses that it was coincidental, i had just happened to go into labor--yes he lied and the nurses knew it. 
they made a joke about how this happened to all of his patients. 
he was so sneaky. 
they started pitocin at about 930am 
wyatt was born at 245pm weighing 8lbs 11ounces and 21 inches long
he had red fuz on his head and was all smooshed
he was all mine and i was in love.

wyatt is sweet and loving, he loves to cuddle.

he's artistic and observant, he soaks up all of his surroundings and is constantly learning

his dreams are big

he's silly and rambunctious , he's hilarious

he's a rascal

wyatt is THE BEST big brother. ever.

he's adventurous and imaginative. he is brilliant.

he loves adventures, being outdoors, exploring every detail and searching every crack.

he loves life.

he is funny, whitty, loving and sarcastic. he remembers everything.

one of wyatt's long hikes, when it was just the 2 of us

always exploring

never intimidated, always brave.


wyatt is one of a kind, he's unique and feisty, spontaneous and a true comedian. he was born with a large amount of confidence and kindness.

happy birthday wyatt.
i'm so proud of you for always being so kind to your baby brother
for being  so smart and loving. you are amazing.
love, mom

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