Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easy bobby pin backings

I went to all of my local craft stores the other day to find bobby pins with backings. I don't know if I just wasn't looking hard enough or if they really were no where to be found. So I thought a minute, well one Starbucks non-fat gingerbread late minute and then I had this idea....

What you need :
  • Bobby pins
  • Pennies, dimes, or nickels (you can use quarters too but I use them all the time! I'm not getting rid of any, even for an adorable hair clip!)
  • Hot glue+ gun 
  • Accessories

Place a dot of glue on the penny and then place the bobby pin on it, no need to hold it down, it will dry on it's own.  Add flowers, broaches, beads, pom poms etc. to the same side of the penny and TA-DA!! 

FYI make sure you place the bobby pin upward. 
If it's on it's side it won't lay right on your head and it will look dorky!

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