Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Season

So... it was a wonderful Christmas. Wyatt got way too many presents, but it was awesome watching him open all of them. He kept saying "Wow!" and "cool" and his facial expressions were completely satisfying. 
It made it all worth it. 
I have been feeling the after Christmas let down. We spent weeks and weeks preparing, shopping decorating and then, POOF! It's gone and we move on. I wanted it to last longer this year. Normally I can't wait for it to all be over but I would have been happy with 72 hours of Christmas this year. The day after the decorations came down and all signs of Christmas were gone, Oh... except for the five thousand new toys scattered around the house. 

 I am so excited. I need to get busy and start making more, It's already almost time for the Flea Market. I had a big sale a few weeks before Christmas. My mom's co-worker bought about 12 items for her grandchildren (of all ages). That was awesome and VERY nice right before Christmas.

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