Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Wyatt and I fell asleep on New Year's Eve before midnight but I woke up and watched the ball drop with my mom. I am so happy to see 2011 leave. I'm thrilled for a new year. It came just in time. Isn't it funny how much easier it is to drop habits and set new goals in a new year? It's a fresh start, if you take advantage of it. This year I set most of my goals in November, the new years was just too traditional for me and since I normally never keep my new years resolutions I decided to do it a little bit different this year. I did however wait until the new year to completely revamp my eating life style. I've been easing my self into it and really trying to gain the knowledge this time for a lifestyle change instead of a resolution that I stick to for a few weeks.
As I learn more I will share.
My history with food...
I was vegetarian for about three years almost tweleve years ago. Not so much for health reasons but more along the line of ethic and moral reasons. I sold out to a corn dog. Falling off of the band wagon is much like falling off the bandwagon if you're in AA or if you're a smoker (if you believe it's morally wrong to eat animals). You can choose to get right back on board or you can go on with that "EWW" feeling in the back of your head. I went with the "EWW" feeling, eating meat all through my later teen years and well into my twenties while sometimes having brief periods of no meat, juice cleanses, and sometimes even veganism (that lasted for 12hr periods, maybe). I enjoyed my steaks, chicken, shrimp and bacon. Somewhere in those almost ten years I was able to not fully, but partially get rid of the visual I had once had and the moral beliefs I had felt, the "EWW" factor was gone.
My mom raised us eating very healthy, not "healthful" but straight up healthy. I was such an ungrateful little brat always turning my nose up to things and falling back on, "but Hilary's mom packs her twinkies in her lunch". My mom wasn't Hilary's mom and that's why I got peanut butter and banana sandwiches on whole wheat bread, a baggie of fruit and veggies and sometimes a rice cake, a butter flavored one if we were lucky. We would get a bucket of Kuntucky Fried Chicken maybe every 3 or 4 months and steaks were for when we had company over for dinner. Happy meals and goodies were bought by grandma and grandpa and they were treats, we didn't get fast food often.
About 3 years ago the family was all over at my mom's and we were laughing about when my grandpa would say he was going to the store and my brother, sister and I would all pile in and go with him. My grandma and mom were always so confused as to why we would want to go a long but what they didn't know is that my grandpa would get us a BabyRuth, orange slice candy or Reese's, our only rule was that we had to have it finished by the time we got home so that my mom wouldn't find out .
There was the time that my mom was bragging to her best friend (our neighbor) that her children all ate so healthy and my mom's friend Beverly laughed and said, "yeah they eat healthy at home but they clean my cookie cupbord out when they come to my house!".
So even with all my mom's efforts we still would sneak treats. I'm grateful though for my mom's attempts and success at maintaing a healthy diet for us because now I love vegetables and fruit, whole wheat pastas, tofu, tempeh, I have an acquired taste for healthy foods that some people do not. I am lucky.

So my mom had been begging me to watch a documentary for some time with her and I finally agreed...

It's amazing go watch it now.
I don't know what clicked but something did while watching this.
I've watched Super Size Me, Forks over Knives etc. etc. and for some reason this is the one that did it for me. Oh and by the way just days before watching this I was telling someone how I was probably always going to eat meat and how I couldn't live without meat. WRONG.  Now I'm definitely going to be vegetarian and transition into becoming vegan. 
I've been really aware of how I feel after eating different types of food and I feel best after a vegan meal. I feel energized and satisfied. Convenience wise I'm starting off slowly. I'm getting rid of meat, milk and eggs. Wyatt is transitioning into Coconut milk and doesn't notice a difference.  We will eat mainly vegan at home, Wyatt included and I'm doing my research, it's not bad for him and if for some reason it doesn't work for him I'll evaluate. 
I'm not going to preach and if  I do you can slap me, I will just try and show you things that are working for me. Also when you get a chance watch this...

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