Wednesday, April 18, 2012

super slow....


Last week I went to a private school in Irvine to scope it out for nursing (LVN). I loved it. They are going to work with my maternity leave, part time schedule is perfect, financial aids works, so I think it's a go! I need to study for the placement test, and I start May 30th! I'm so excited. One step closer to my goal (RN)!  If I play my cards right I could be a RN by the time I'm 30. :) The wait list for nursing school in CA is so impacted that the average wait can be up to 5 years, so even though I'm going 34,000 dollars in debt I'll be that much closer to finishing and I feel with 2 kids I need to rush this. They are counting on me. The expected nursing shortage in the next few years will be perfect timing for me! I'm so happy.

I met Doug yesterday for lunch. He misses us and wants to be a family. It's hard because I hear the word family and of course that's what I want, I'm just not sure If I want it with him. I feel if you're already in it than working on it is a must, but what's the point of committing forever if you're already having so many issues? Maybe I have this whole love thing wrong, I just don't get it I guess. We are going to work on being friends, because when we went from being friends to engaged we just stopped being friends and went into this weird married mode, so we are taking like a hundred steps backs and moving forward SLOWLY-not necessarily in the direction of getting back together but being a parenting team. This is a good thing. 

We find out next week (hopefully) what the baby's gender is. I know it's a girl, my mom said that then means it's definitely a boy. My new doctor does everything so different than my first  doctor. He's so SLOW and mellow and it kills me! I want to move things a long so I can start buying and making things!!! HELLO!!!! 
I found out Wyatt was a Wyatt when I was almost 17 weeks pregnant, waiting until 19 weeks for this one feels like a lifetime.

I started slowly cutting sugar out of Wyatt's diet, SLOWLY. I need to get this boy under control before the baby comes. 

We've been getting along just fine alone, Wyatt and I. 
We've been gardening. 
We have strawberries, bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, rosemary and watermelon. 
We've been going to Irvine park a lot, painting, being silly and enjoying Spring. 
Life is good. 

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