Thursday, August 9, 2012

hot hot heat...

It's totally not fun being pregnant in this heat. I feel huge, grumpy and achy.
This heat is bringing all little creatures from all over into our home... EWWW. 
Thank  goodness Wyatt is such an adventurer and catches all the wildlife and returns it to it's natural habitat (our backyard!).  We found this one in our bathroom!

Not a fan of fast food but definitely a fan of  air conditioned play areas!
 Can't get enough of these... major craving.
 So happy.
 At our local Zoo
 We made this box town... look close you'll see Target, a drive thru StarBucks, The Home Depot, a park, an ice cream place and a drive thru car wash. Wyatt picked each place out... yep sounds about right, those are our rounds!

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