Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sand candle making 101

We went to the beach last week and Wyatt collected a bucket of sand to make candles.
He's such a busy bee.


Here he is making the candles with Nana...
It really is the easiest project ever!
STEP1 melt your wax- there are so many wax options. We found ours at Hobby Lobby, which by the way I had NEVER been to and it is absolutely amazingly wonderful! (It's like Micheal's plus Joann's Fabrics mixed with Tall Mouse on crack... it is awesome.)
While you are melting your wax is the best time to add any scents you might want, we used a little scented oil. FYI a little goes a long way!
STEP2 we used a little jar for our sand mold, just form a little hole in the sand and fill it up with wax. To create multi colored layers wait awhile (I suggest 30 minutes) in between layers so that they don't mush and melt together.
STEP3 put in the wick BEFORE THE CANDLE DRIES!!!! This could actually be step 2... it's depends what is easiest for you, and you'll figure it out by candle number 3 or 17 :)
STEP4 let it dry over night and TADA!! You have your self magnificent sand candle!!!

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