Friday, August 17, 2012

So making my check list public didn't really help too much.
This was it:

 Things to do by Friday the 17th of August...

  • finish baby's room (nook)
  • make a head board for my bed
  • paint Wyatt's dresser and touch up the messy paint on the walls
  • clean the inside of my car and make an organizer for Wy's "in the car" things
  • start my CPT-1 online training for my license renewal
Not horrible.
Here are my excuses...
  • My mom has guests this week and they have taken over Wyatt's room, making it impossible to paint.
  • The whole organizer for  my car? yeah I'm just going to buy something... I've realized that I make things a lot harder on my self when I try and make them. Some things are fun to make, and others are just more work and extra stress!
  • Online classes? I need to get started! No excuse there except for procrastination. 
Here is the baby's corner...
 a blank wall that needed some love....
instead of a headboard I hung a picture... TaDa!

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