Friday, August 17, 2012

this week in pictures...

We went to Prehistoric Pets day before yesterday and it was awesome!
Seriously you have to go  HERE.
I went online as we were driving there and saw horrible reviews, so I was totally bummed out!
Once we got there I realized those people had to be terribly mistaken.
They were complaining about how expensive it is!?
Children under 3 are free and adults are 5$... I don't think you can go through a drive thru for less than that! I thought it was great and so did Wyatt.
For a total of about 6$ (in addition to my entry fee) he was able to feed giant tortoises and these crazy little turtles in a big pond. Seriously my only complaint was how awful the reptiles smell, but you can't really do much about that! We spent a little over an hour there and he loved it.

Wyatt holding a snake!

I'm 35 weeks!
Well today I am actually 35 weeks and 3days :)
My shower is this weekend. 
I remember at my shower for Wyatt I had a ton of friends.
This shower not so much. 
Maybe it's becoming a mother at a young age or sobriety, but I have a lack of friends and it's starting to get to me. I think things will change when I'm working and back in school. 
I'm excited my brother and his family will be down for my shower this weekend! Can't wait to see them.

I've been keeping in contact with Natalie's mom-Doug's daughter's mother. hahaha
(I seriously have to laugh because if not I'd die of embarrassment!)
She seems nice, like someone I could have been friends with under different circumstances.
Anyways she has informed me that Doug is dating someone. 
Doesn't surprise me but is still disgusting to me.
It hasn't even been 3 months has it? 
Oh yeah, and who would want to date him? 
He has a baby in Iowa and one on the way. He has 2 different baby mamas who he is not in good standing with! I'd love to hear his story.
For someone who seems to hate, yes literally hate women so much he sure always has to have one (or multiple) of them in his life.
Oh what a man I am thrilled to have as my son's father. Yaaaaa right.

On a happy note, I had my doctor appointment yesterday and mom went with me.
She really liked my doctor, he's great.
Baby's head is down and he seems to be super healthy.
I'm starting to get very excited, still nervous and stressed to the max but excited. :)

Our adventures this week...

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