Sunday, October 28, 2012


sweet brothers
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. We celebrated with dinner and pie, it was a nice evening. We watched Magic Mike and oh my goodness... 'nough said about that. It was a lazy weekend, very nice. Doug brought his daughter Natalie over to meet Owen for the first time this morning. It was awkward with Doug as usual but I'm getting used to it. Natalie loved Owie, and her and Wyatt were happy to play together. Doug got bored after ten minutes and just texted the rest of the time, when they left Natalie threw a tantrum because she didn't want to leave. I might take Ow and Wy to Disney Land tomorrow with Doug's mom and Natalie, hopefully it isn't hot.
Good 'ol non exsistant Fall weather in Orange, during Fall. Nice.

The Walking Dead is on tonight!!! Wooo Wooo!!!
Happy Sunday y'all!

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