Saturday, November 17, 2012

26 years young-old.

I had a birthday on Thursday. It was nice, just another day.
I went out for lunch with my grandma and to do some shopping, she tried to make it special for me even though she has so much going on with the return of the cancer in her eye.
We had a nice time, it was so quiet too! We brought Owen with us and Wy went to Papa's house.
I bought a pair of Tom's (my first) and some clothes from Nordstrom. Lacy and the kids and I met my mom at Native Foods for dinner...mmm. For some reason it wasn't the best bday but it wasn't bad. Doug had come over the evening before to see Owie and I let him have way to much control over my mood. I really couldn't shake him off, he is so unlikeable. I would regret my decision to be with him so much more if I hadn't gotten sweet Owen out of it. Whatever, I'm sure the universe, or God, whomever it is has some plan and I need to let go. I have control over me and my actions and thoughts, my life and that's really it. Heck I don't even have control over my 3 year old!

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