Sunday, November 4, 2012

playing catch up...

Owen is about 7 weeks old.
He is this whole new person, the newborn phase is behind us now and although it breaks my heart to watch it go, I am so happy to have this adorable chubby little bobble headed love. He is so aware of his surroundings, new voices and faces. Owie doesn't cry much, mostly when he is hungry, has a tummy ache or wants to be wrapped. He loves the closeness and the comfort of being wrapped up close to me all snuggled up, so do I.
Halloween was a lot of fun.
Papa, Nana, Kat, mommy and Owie all followed Wyatt from house to house. Wyatt made a wonderful cop! Owen looked adorable in Wyatt's dragon costume, it's hard to imagine that Wy could have ever fit into it!

Oh Sunday, here you are again.
I am happy that you are here and before you leave you always deliver... The Walking Dead of course! EEEk can't wait, I've been on my toes all week! :) Enjoy!

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