Thursday, December 20, 2012

my everything...

these two are my everything, and with that being said, i need some "me" time real bad.
it's hard for me to be away, especially from owen, being as young as he is.
my sister offered to watch the boys for a minute so i could get out of the house and although my initial reaction was panic, this morning i'm thinking a trip to starbucks--by my self--sounds pretty heavenly.

on the list today is grocery shopping, our refrigerator is empty!
i need to shower. this has been my ongoing problem the past few days. with two against one, by the time both boys are asleep i'm ready for bed too. i know, a bit of an eww factor but... i'm not gonna lie to ya'.
i need to get baking yummies too, i think we'll make biscotti this year and of course cookies!
i also need to finish shopping! where have i been!? jeeez.

hello christmas! i see you peeking around that corner!
i'm gonna' be ready (i think)!

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