Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i am surprisingly not shocked one bit.

in fact i would be lying if i said that i was even a little shocked.
disgusted? yes.
relieved? tremendously.
plagued with criticism? i'll admit it.
embarrassed? to the point of no return .

doug is engaged and having another baby.
there it is.

he sure didn't waist any time, he'll have 3 children by august.
of course i am humiliated for him.
he came over yesterday to talk.
he hasn't been making his visits with owen and yesterday he threatened to take me to court for more time. i was able to stay calm and rationalize with an irrational person, i give my self mad props because i think i finally got through to him. i told him that he has a full plate that is about to be over flowing, make the visits with owen that we've agreed on and we'll talk about more time later. i told him to drop his drama and he agreed. we decided to move forward and work towards friendship.
owen cries and cries when doug is here. i feel bad for owen because he doesn't know who doug is, and i have never tried to keep doug from owen, my door has always been open, he just rarely walks through it. i don't feel bad for doug, he made his bed and now he can lay in it, probably not too comfortably but that isn't my problem.
my sister in law said that he is serial impregnator... oh my god i love it. that is exactly what he is!
it's humiliating. i feel sorry for the girl because she can't know how awful doug is yet.
i told him that i wish him the best, and i do.
i really honestly do, it's not the child's fault and hopefully that child won't cry hysterically when doug picks him up.
i can't feel terribly disappointed in him, he has serious mother issues and can fall in love with any girl at the drop of a dime. this was bound to happen sooner than later.

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