Saturday, February 16, 2013

lovin' some lovin'

im loving everything right now.
all of my life. it's way too good.
i feel like i don't even have the right to complain or wish things could be different because i am so lucky to have things the way they are. there is too much good in my life not to be thankful for it.

we've been doing a lot of gardening lately, gettin our hands dirty!
wyatt is lovin' it!
i am going to look into a co-op pre-school on monday for wyatt, i am so excited that i can't wait.
i think he is beyond ready for it. i can't believe that my baby wyatt is going to be 4 in june, time flies, it seriously does. it flies by at lightening speed. it's terrifying. another reason to love your life and be greatful.

i didn't really make any new years goals or anything like that, i normally wait until after.
that's a lie.
i normally don't even make any.
however, i am going to make some goals now.
simple ones.
  • i'm going to journal more, well... i'm going to start one so i can keep track of important and special things in my life and the boy's lives. i think it's amazing to be able to look back and see what was happening in your life.
  • i'm going to (try) not to use any plastic bottles. i am going to be better at re-using and recycling. although i have to admit i pretty much rock at recycling, but there is ALWAYS room to improve right?!
  • i'm going to be more grateful and appreciative of other people and what they do for me. 
  • i'm going to practice being more forgiving, i forget easily but i don't forgive quite as easily, especially my self.
  • be present. just be.

boys are pretty much amazing.
i love the random growling and the ability to bust out hot wheels cars anywhere and make tracks and ramps out of everything!
they don't have volume control. at all. they are always on high volume, even during all of the quiet parts in a movie.
they love their mama more than anything, mama's boys all the way.
their energy just don't quit! ahhh!
they enjoy some serious conversation about poo-poo and pee-pee, and making farting noises is second nature. boogers are cool not gross, and they prefer to wipe them on someone definitely not in a tissue (ewwww!). they climb everything and enjoy anything that is going to make their mother hold her breath. they prefer dirt baths to regular baths and anything can be turned into a weapon, yes even their mother's makeup.
nail polish is fun, but not in the conventional way. maybe to decorate some match box cars or paint their walls with.
they always know what they want, even when they aren't sure and they always--yes always--know where they are headed.
boys are amazing.
i got this new wrap because it was on sale at target.
i don't love it, i think i can make a better one. i'll show you when i do it :)
owie is at the age he can eat food!
so exciting.
wyatt is a big helper in the kitchen, he loves making owie's baby food.
with a food processor there is no excuse not to make your own baby food! it cost me about $4 to make a few weeks worth of organic baby food. you can freeze it, my brilliant sister freezed the baby food she made in ice cube trays and just popped them out as needed!
plus you can get all fancy with your mixtures! make your baby go mmmm!!

 happy saturday!
we are enjoying the sun staying out later to play with us! yay!

oh yeah...
this happened!!!!!

crazy right? 5 months already. wowzers.
like i always say, time is a'flyin!

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